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Is it true that once you have had your carpet cleaned they get dirtier faster?

This was true many years ago when cleaning carpets was undertaken by the owners themselves using shampoo which was the normal way. Nowadays professional carpet cleaners use bio-degradable and eco-friendly chemicals, specialised carpet cleaning machines as well as following tried and tested procedures resulting in much cleaner carpets which are also protected from rapid resoiling.

How long will it take for my carpet/furniture to dry?

Drying times for carpets and soft furnishings can vary greatly due to the following conditions:

  • Relative humidity of the environment.
  • Amount of ventilation available.
  • The degree of soiling of the carpet or fabric.
  • The moisture retention rate of the different types of fibres e.g. wool, nylon, cotton, polyster, etc.
  • The level of competence of the cleaning technician.

Regardless of the above, soft furnishings are expected to dry within one (1) to six (6) hours. In very favourable conditions drying times can be considerably less.

Do you use chemicals to clean?

Every cleaning system uses some form of chemical to clean soft furnishings. Water is a form of chemical and forms the basis of most cleaning solutions. A good and experience cleaning technician will use bio-degradable and eco-friendly and safe chemicals and will make sure that they are rinsed off from your carpets and/or soft furnishings.

Will the cleaning agents/chemicals affect someone at home who suffers from an allergy?

Carpet cleaning methods rely mainly on water-based cleaning agents and the cleaning technician should be made aware of the allergy. Steps are taken to make sure that contact between the person suffering from an allergy and the chemicals used is minimised or completely eliminated. As a precaution it is better if the person who has an allergy not enter a recently cleaned room. He or she should enter only when the carpet is completely dry.

Will my carpet shrink?

The cleaning technician should inspect the carpet before any cleaning takes place.During this inspection process any risk of potential carpet shrinkage can be brought to your attention and discussed. It may be that the carpet fittings are not secure and require correction. Some carpets are prone to shrinkage and may be cleaned by other methods which will be discussed with you before any work is started.

Does the room have to be cleared beforehand?

It is not necessary but it is preferred that any breakable items e.g. China, glassware, etc. are removed from the room. It is also advisable to remove breakable items displayed in cabinets if these cabinets are to be moved. It will help the cleaning technician greatly if small items of furniture are removed such as waste paper bins, shoe racks, stacks of paper or books, etc. For the bigger items e.g. beds, study tables, etc. the technician will move these in order to be able to clean the carpet underneath them. After cleaning, these items are put back in position placing protector pads/fibre blocks beneath them in order to prevent staining of the carpet from the paint/wood dye of the furniture.

Will all the stains of my carpet come out?

Most stain marks will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult dye stains may require specialised treatment in order to remove them. Any success at removing these types of stains is diminished by previous home remedies that have been tried beforehand. The cleaning technician knows the fibre content of the carpet/fabric and if the stain can be correctly identified e.g. coffee, chocolate, mud, ink, etc. then the outcome of trying to remove it can be predicted.

What system do you use to clean the carpets?

At Fantastic Tile and Carpet Cleaning we will use the most appropriate system and cleaning agents in cleaning your carpetto achieve an excellent result. In certain cases, some carpets need to be cleaned using low-moisture systems while others benefit from a deeper clean approach.

Do you use steam?

The more popular cleaning systems that are professionally used do not use actual steam. The moisture particles that are sprayed onto the carpet are very very fine which gives the appearance of steam. There are some cleaning units sold in the market that do produce steam and some are sold for cleaning ceramic tiles. Some of these steam cleaning units are also being marketed as carpet cleaners. Unless you know exactly what you are doing these can irreparably damage your carpet and soft furnishings.

I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet, can they be removed?

It depends on the severity of the black marks. A professional cleaning technician can significantly improve the appearance or be able to completely remove it. It is important that the source of the problem need to be dealt with in order to prevent the black marks from returning. Ask the technician on how this could be done.

The areas in front of the settee and armchairs are very dirty, can you get it all out?

The dirt can be removed but the continued foot movement from all the people who use the furniture will have damaged the carpet fibres. This abrasion will cause a difference in the way light is reflected giving an appearance of light soiling.

If things go wrong and the cleaning technician accidentally damages my carpet what recompense should I get?

The cleaning technicians of Fantastic Tile and Carpet Cleaning are always insured for Public Liability Risks. This insurance cover does not only protect us against unforeseen financial burdens but also gives you, our valued customer, a peace of mind should unexpected things occur.

Can I put cushion covers in the washing machine?

It is not advisable to put them in the wash. The zippers have been fitted to the covers to make it easy for the foam manufacturers to get the foam fillers into the covers. These zippers are not very strong and may break during the washing process. Shrinkage may also occur making it more difficult to put back the foam fillers. Some washing agents may cause the covers to discolour thus affecting the appearance of the entire furniture set.