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At Louie’s Tile and Carpet Cleaning  not  only are we qualified carpet cleaners but  we also choose the best chemicals and equipment enabling us to offer our customers the best possible service and getting the job done in the best possible manner.


Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with the latest equipment to allows us to provide an excellent service.


Louie’s Tile and Carpet Cleaning uses only the best and safest cleaning chemicals available in the market assuring you that it will be safe for you, your family, and your pets.

The following are some of the chemicals we use:

FlexHeavy Duty Liquid Prespray

The strongest prespray in the Industry. It’s so strong that it dissolves oils and other carpet filth so fast you can actually see it working! Flex is the perfect choice for filthy commercial carpets or residential carpet where getting the carpet clean is more important than protecting stain resistance.

End ZoneExtraction Emulsifier/Neutralizer

This innovative dual-purpose extraction formula provides full-strength cleaning power and pH neutralisation all in one. Carpet fibers are left squeaky clean in a neutral or slightly acid state, perfect for the application of carpet protector—without a separate step!

EncapucleanBonnet Brush/Encapsulate Cleaner

It is a complete soil encapsulator for use in brush or bonnet cleaning. A special polymer barrier entraps soil for easy removal and slows resoiling. It does not contain harsh solvents or high pH phosphates making it safe and effective to use on all synthetic carpet and wool.

P.I.G.Paint, Ink, and Grease Removal

P.I.G. works like other non-volatile solvents except for one important difference: you can rinse it off with water! Best of all it outperforms most other paint, oil, and grease removers. It also takes care of ink, tar, gum, and cosmetics.

Red Stain Remover Heat-Release Dye Remover

Draw red stains out of carpet and into a towel using Red Stain Remover and steam iron.

Filter FreeFiltration Soil Remover

A pleasant-smelling, water-based emulsion designed to remove filtration soil along walls and doorways. It can also be used to remove oil and grease spots.